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Event Design

Designing for a big event, or a trade show presentation, starts with a good logo, and then a unity of design across all collateral. For this project, I created the logo and graphics for a school's gala and dinner auction. The biggest fundraising event of the year. The project encompassed many components, all requiring an art deco design consistency.


The gala had an old Hollywood theme and the client requested an art deco motif for the invitation.

I started with a mark that incorporated the school's logo.

Save the Date

A preliminary invitation went out to all constituents generating excitement for the event and the entertainer who would be performing. 

Animated Invite

Saving costs of a mailed invitation, the school decided to send an evite which entailed an animated invitation. This entailed use of Adobe After Effects to animate the design elements.

Marquee Advertisement

One of the biggest advertising assets for the school is their jumbo marquee at the entrance of their campus. They needed a flashy promotion for the gala.

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